Pongy Pig Wax Melts

Based in London and delivering across the UK • Based in London and delivering across the UK • Based in London and delivering across the UK • Based in London and delivering across the UK

  Our little piggies were born from the need to bring a little more happiness into this world

Especially after the last few years we have all had. These little Pongies are all handmade and come in a wide range of decadent, sweet, fruity, and playful scents. Watch these pigs melt from pure relaxation!

All our scented wax melts are made with soy wax and are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in an environmentally friendly way. We use the best quality fragrance oils also vegan and cruelty-free.

All of our products are CLP compliant and safety data sheets are available on request.

So, no real pigs were harmed in the making of these novelty wax melts.

Simply take one of the Pongy Pigs out of its comfy sty and place in a wax burner of your choice, and watch them relax and melt into their adorable bath. You’ll know when it’s working as you’ll notice a lovely pong!

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Sugar, spice and everything nice are the ingredients to make all things adorable and charming and our scented wax melts are no different! Each and every batch is made with love and care with only the best ingredients. Each litter is aged for 2 weeks to ensure that they are as pongy as possible!

Each box comes with 5 little Pongy Pigs hand wrapped and packaged with care to ensure they are as comfy and relaxed as possible. All orders are £4.25 and £3.95 shipping to anywhere in the UK.

Check out our collection of gorgeous fragrances.

Some tips on How to use wax melt burners safely.

♨ Check your burner regularly for any cracks or damage.

♨ Only use 2-4 hour tea lights and allow your wax to cool between burns.

♨ DO NOT use sharp objects to remove the wax from your burner.

♨ Do not overfill your burner.

♨ NEVER add water to your burner.

♨ Use with an unscented tea light.

♨ NEVER ingest.

♨ Keep away from children and pets.

♨ Keep away from draughts.

♨ NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.

♨ Place on a heatproof surface away from Curtains and furnishings

♨ Burners get HOT! Do not move until it has completely cooled down.